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School of Chinese Culture Studies

The School of Chinese Culture Studies was established in January 2014
as the first school of its kind in TCM universities and colleges nationwide.
Combining strengths and features from other universities, it is committed to
the preservation and dissemination of TCM culture and Chinese traditional
For that end, the School renders lectures and forums on TCM and Chinese
culture studies, as well as training courses on TCM culture, regimen, Buddhist
healing, Taoist healing, and Confucian healing. Furthermore, it has been
engaged in teaching TCM culture and the language of Chinese for overseas
students. It also carries out TCM related innovations and initiates research
projects in collaboration with relevant institutions at home and abroad,
playing a leading role in the research of TCM culture and Chinese traditional
culture. In addition, it offers general courses on Chinese studies, such as
Chinese Philosophy, TCM Philosophy, TCM Classic Literature, General Outline
of Traditional Chinese Culture, and Guide to Chinese Classics.