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School of Life Sciences

Based on the philosophy of TCM and modern science and with the help of interdisciplinary expertise and cutting edge technologies, the School of Life Sciences is aiming to understand the fundamental processes for human life. In particular, it focuses on energy medicine, information transmission, universe and environmental effects, emotional impact, inter-organ cooperation and communications. It explores the mystery of life from multiple angles and multi-levels, in order to achieve the innovative transformation and development of TCM, to reveal the scientific connotation of TCM theory, and to provide scientific basis and evidences for disease prevention and treatment.
The School explores TCM theory with modern technologies at four levels – material, energy, information and time-space – aiming to understand and treat complex diseases holistically. Under the guidance of modern science and TCM theory, it utilizes integrative medical approaches with medicines, acupuncture, qigong, information and energy fields to treat and prevent neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic diseases, malignant tumors, anxiety and depression, autism and many other medical conditions. The School will open up a new avenue for TCM development, and lead a new trend for life science research.