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The First School of Clinical Medicine (Dongzhimen Hospital)

Established in 1958, Dongzhimen Hospital has become well known both in China and abroad with its time-honored history, prestigious experts boasting superb medical skills, and quality medical services based on the continuous efforts by generations of physicians over more than half a century. As a top-grade first-class TCM hospital, it has become a large, modern general hospital performing integrative functions of medical service, education and scientific research. Thanks to its long history of development, the Hospital enjoys a well-structured team of senior TCM physicians known both at home and abroad with refined medical skills, a group of middle-aged physicians with rich experience and excellent skills, and a large number of outstanding young doctors with strong medical background and enthusiasm for progress.
Since its establishment, the Hospital has assumed responsibilities for clinical training of BUCM’s undergraduates and postgraduates as well as overseas students. Since 1958, it has trained tens of thousands of excellent TCM physicians and a great number of outstanding TCM professionals for many countries and regions all over the world.