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Assisting in the global fight against epidemic - BUCM held another symposium on fighting against COVID-19

  On May 22, 2020, a symposium on Chinese medicine and western medicine fighting against COVID-19 was jointly hosted by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine(BUCM) and Sapienza University of Rome in order to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in fighting COVID-19. Medical professionals from China and Italy exchanged their views via video conference on utilization experience and significant efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Professor Xu Anlong, President of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Professor Ye Yongan, Dongzhimen Hospital, Tang Minke, Director of BUCM International Cooperation Department, Zhang Danying, Director of BUCM National Center for TCM International Communication and Giuseppe Bersani, Head of Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology Unit of Fiorini Hospital, Miriam Lichtner, Infectious Disease Specialist, Antonella Calogero, Head of Pathology Unit of ICOT Hospital, Elena De Falco, Professor from Department of Medical-Surgical Sciences and Biotechnologies all from Sapienza University of Rome, as well as medical experts in related field attended this symposium.

  The theme of this symposium was “Chinese medicine and western medicine fighting against COVID-19”, medical professionals from both sides discussed in great depth the current situation and trend of COVID-19 as well as the joint cooperation on fighting against the epidemic.

  Prof. Xu Anlong mentioned that TCM was playing significant role in battling with the epidemic and has made distinctive contributions to the epidemic prevention and control. TCM treatment has taken a differentiated approach based on syndrome differentiation and witnessed satisfactory results amid treating COVID-19. For patients who are in the recovery phase, TCM not only effectively alleviate their COVID-19 symptoms, but also boost the immune system and help the patients speed up the process to better recovery. President Xu hoped through this video conference to step up the communication and cooperation between two universities.

  Professor Ye Yongan of Dongzhimen Hospital, as the leader of the national TCM medical team aided by BUCMl to support Hubei, shared in greater details the whole process and case study of TCM for treatment of severe and critically ill patients infected with COVID-19. Miriam Lichtner, Infectious Disease Specialist from Sapienza University of Rome presented the development of epidemic situation and the status of epidemic prevention and control as well as deeply analyzed the local COVID-19 cases in Italy. Moreover, experts from both sides held in-depth discussions on the treatment of COVID-19 by integrated Chinese and western medicine as well as how to relieve anxiety of patients. The two sides welcomed through this video conference significant steps forward to build up long-term partnerships and promote cooperation on clinical research between two sides.