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U.S. Congressional Staff Delegation Visited BUCM

  On the afternoon of April 16th, President Xu Anlong received a delegation of 15 U.S. Congressional staff and held a meeting with them. President Xu said that both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine are important components of the medical system. With great potential of cooperation in medicine, China and the United States should join hands and make full use of the wisdom of the ancient traditional Chinese medicine, and, at the same time, continue to innovate and explore an optimized health care system to satisfy future social development.


  Donald Carlson, head of the delegation and senior adviser of Meiya Consulting,  said that the first stop of the delegation’s visit to China was Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Through face-to-face communication, it is hoped that the delegation members could have the opportunity to understand China and development of traditional Chinese medicine in China, laying a solid foundation for in-depth cooperation between the two countries in the field of medicine.

  Tang Minke, Director of BUCM International Cooperation Department, introduced to the delegation the history and internationalization of BUCM. Experts from China and the United States have lively discussions on the impact of traditional Chinese medicine on future social development and the impact of modern scientific and technological development on traditional Chinese medicine. Towards the end of the visit, President Xu Anlong presented the delegation with a gift of “nine kinds of acupuncture needles” and had a group photo taken.

  Also present at the meeting were BUCM representatives including Zhang Liping, President Assistant and Executive Vice Dean of Graduate School, Tang Minke, Director of International Cooperation Department, Han Zhenyun, Director of Science and Technology Department, Zhang Danying, Director of Chinese Medicine Culture Center, Chinese Language International Promotion (Beijing), Wang Jiahong, Vice Director of CPC Office and President Office, Hua Qian, Vice Director of Science and Technology Department, Wang Shanshan, Vice Director of International Cooperation Department, and Jia Dexian, Chairman of Directors of Asset Management Company.