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BUCM TCM Culture Day at UNESCO Headquarters

On July 10th, 2017, BUCM TCM Culture Day was held at UNESCO headquarters. Present at the ceremony were BUCM staff, including Prof. XuAnlong, President, Prof. Zhai Shuangqing, Vice President, Prof. Wang Yaoxian, President Assistant & Director, Dongzhimen Hospital, Prof. Han Zhenyun, Director of Department of Science and Technology, Prof. Lu Tao, Deputy-Dean of School of Life Sciences and Ms.Zhang Danying, Deputy Director of International Office, Prof. Gu Shizhe, and Prof. Fu Guobing, Dr. Li Tiangang, Secretary, Youth League Committee, together with some teachers and students.


Before the event, Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, received the delegation headed by BUCM President Xu Anlong, and Vice President Zhai Shuangqing at her office in the UNESCO.


President Xu first talked about BUCM’s achievements in benefiting people all over the world with traditional Chinese medicine and its contribution to China’s“One Belt, One RoadInitiative”.Dr. Bokova was very pleased with those achievements and she hoped traditional Chinese medicine, a treasure of Chinese culture,would build up world people’s health and wellbeing.She suggested that BUCM might draft and submit a proposal for better development of TCM in education, research, medical service, intangible cultural heritage, etc. President Xu accepted her suggestion with pleasure and indicated that BUCM would write and hand in the proposal soon.



At the event, BUCM President Xu Anlong delivered a keynote speech entitled Challenge and Opportunity of Chinese Medicine for Nurturing Human Health. He highlighted traditional Chinese medicine has ever lasting vitality and eternal value, and the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and its perspective on life show its concern and love of life. It is universal to everyone, regardless of religious belief or social status.


Prof. Zhai Shuangqing delivered a keynote speech on Huangdi’s Canon of Medicine. Prof. Gu Shizhe, a senior acupuncture specialist, interacted with the French audience and depicted to them the miraculous effects of traditional Chinese medicine. Prof. Zhu Miansheng told some touching stories in dissemination of traditional Chinese medicine in France. In the end, Prof. Fu Guobing, a prestigious Tuina expert led the attendees into the magical world of tuina with his concise explanation and lively interaction. Many people said they would continue to do exercise in the future to enjoy better life with healthy body and mind.


To disseminate TCM culture to the world and support “China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative”, BUCM endeavors to spread TCM to the countries in the One Belt & One Road regions and other developed countries. BUCM determines to develop new ways of dissemination of traditional Chinese medicine, i.e. establishing overseas TCM centers for medical care, education, research and cultural dissemination.


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