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BUCM President Xu Anlong Made a Speech at Crans Montana Forum

Invited to the 28thCrans Montana Forum in Barcelona, Spain, BUCM President Xu Anlong made a presentation entitled “Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and One Belt, One Road Initiative” on July 6th, 2017 at the ministerial meeting Silk Road of the sub-forum on China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative.



A non-governmental international organization, the Crans Montana Forum established in 1986 in Switzerland enjoys increasing prestige and influence all over the world. It aims at a more humane and fair world, international cooperation, all round development, optimal practice and long-term dialogue among all senior leaders. Since its founding, the forum held in various places has provided enterprises and government officials with golden opportunities to implement strategies, enhance existing partnership and establish new cooperation.


This year’s forum had a special ministerial meeting International Conference on the Silk Road Cooperation & its Potential for the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East, which invited government leaders, ministers and enterprise CEOs in economy, finance, and industry from the Mediterranean, Middle Eastand Africa. President Xu, the only representative from China, delivered a 15-minute speech.


He pointed out in his presentation that to enjoy golden health care service was the common aspiration of people from all over the world. With a long history, traditional Chinese medicine has been safe guarding Chinese people’s life and health over thousands of years so that the Chinese nation survived grave diseases and epidemics and thrived until now. Historical facts over the years have proven that traditional Chinese medicine has been playing a unique role in improving people’s quality of life, especially in improving the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases, metabolic diseases and senile disorders.At the same time, the development of traditional Chinese medicine can effectively promote the planting and processing of medicinal herbs in relevant countries and regions.


BUCM, the only national TCM university in China directly under the supervision of Chinese Ministry of Education, is one of the best institutions of higher learning in TCM in China and even in the whole world. In the past over 60 years since its establishment, it has made unremitting efforts in and historic contributions to the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine.



Lastly, President Xu pointed out that as an integrated medical system, traditional Chinese medicine shares many things in common including underlying philosophy and therapy with precision medicine. Based on this, the two can cooperate with each other in providing people in the countries along the One Belt and One Road with golden health care services for closer relationship between people along the new Silk Road.


President Xu’s speech was well received by attendees from different countries. After the presentation, delegates from Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, Cambodia, Romania and some other countries exchanged contact information with President Xu for more communication and possible cooperation in the future.