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The Forum on Chinese Medicine Innovation Held at BUCM

The Forum on Chinese Medicine Innovation was held on September 8 and 9 sponsored by the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. President Xu Anlong, Vice President Gu Xiaohong and Wang Wei, more than 70 experts of Chinese medicine and Western medicine from home and abroad, and over 200 BUCM teachers and students attended the forum.



The forum was one of the important events of academic exchange at BUCM in 2016. It promoted domestic and international academic exchange, improved the academic level and increased academic atmosphere. In addition to broadening the academic horizons and enriching knowledge of the teachers and students, it played an important role in promoting the development of academic disciplines and technological innovation capability.



The forum consisted of a seminar on research and a seminar on education. The theme of the research symposium was “Dialogue between Traditional Medicine and Modern Medicine”. Internationally and domestically renowned experts in integrated medicine, clinical medicine, life sciences, and TCM experts were invited to discuss medical development and stress, and research ideas and methodology from different perspectives. The guests included Professor Dominique Charron, Director of the French HLA et Médecine – Systemoscope (Jean Dausset Lab Network); Dr. Jean-Pierre Armand, President of the European Society for Medical Oncology; Professor Cohen, director of the Integrative Medicine Program at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; Professor Shi Yigong, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice President of Tsinghua University; Professor Huang Luqi, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Vice President of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences; Professor Chen Kaixian, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and former President of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Wang Qi, tenured professor at BUCM. The seminar on education focuses on the theme of “the future of integrated medical education”. Experts in medical education introduced the status quo and new concepts of medical education and integrated medical education at home and abroad. Invited experts included Professor Skip Gracia, Vice President of the Arizona State University, Professor Ng Han Seon, Registrar of TCM Practitioners Board and senior educator of medicine in Singapore, Professor Shinka Sohei, chairman of The Japanese School Corporation Hyogo College of Medicine, Professor Xu Jianguang, President of the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Hu Gang, President of the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.