BUCM Kötzting Hospital in Germany

  The BUCM Kotzting Hospital was established in 1991 by BUCM Dongzhimen Hospital in cooperation with the German Staudinger Group. It is the only Chinese medicine hospital in Germany where medical expenses can be covered by insurance companies and patients can be hospitalized for TCM treatment. In light of the long-lasting therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine, the Hospital set up a treatment center for psychiatric disorders and thus expanded the scope of TCM services in 2010. In cooperation with the Natural Therapy Center of the Technical University, Munich, it has carried out a number of scientific research projects on traditional Chinese medicine, with results published in JAMA, Lancet and other well-known journals. It also carried out TCM teaching and training for local doctors. In April 2008, Kötzting Hospital received the International Award for Contribution to Chinese Medicine by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. In 2018, it successfully launched the China-Germany Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine (Kötzting).