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Research Area

Chinese Medicine:

      ●  Basic Theories of Chinese Medicine research

      ● TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment

      ● TCM herbs and formulae

      ● Prevention and cure of diseases within Chinese medicine treatment

      ● Research on acupuncture, moxibustion and tuina


Chinese Materia Medica:

     ● Therapeutic theory and information engineering

     ● Substance and quality control of herbs formulae

     ● Therapeutic effectiveness and safety evaluation of herbs formulae

     ● New dosage forms and technology  lHerbal resources and identification


Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine:

     ● Mechanism study of cerebropathy and neuropathy

     ● “Same treatment for different disease” principle

     ● TCM pestilence and modern molecular biology

     ● Modern pathogenesis related to syndrome-formulae correlation

     ● Diagnostic techniques and pathogenesis

     ● Study of principles for treatment and formulae in the perioperative stage

     ● Treatment and prevention of diseases with Chinese medicine treatment