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Laboratory and Research Center

    The university has a number of laboratories directly under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, China’s State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Beijing Municipality, as well as a wide range of research centers.


            National Key Laboratory for Chinese International Medicine
            Laboratory for Basic Chinese Materia Medica and New Drug Research
            Laboratory for Physiology and Pathology of Chinese Medicine Syndromes
            Laboratory for Cell and Biochemistry
            Laboratory for Pathology
            Laboratory for Encephalopathy
            Laboratory for Pharmacology for Chinese Materia Medica
            Laboratory for Pharmacognosy


      Research Centers
            Research Center for Pharmaceutics of Chinese Materia Medica and New Drug Development
            Research Center for Basic Theories of Chinese Medicine
            Research Center for Chinese Materia Medica
            Research Center for Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine
            Research Center for Clinical Chinese Medicine
            Research Center for Acupuncture Moxibustion and Tuina
            Research Center for Chinese Medicine Education
            Basis for Clinical Pharmacology