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School of Chinese Culture Studies

School of Chinese Culture Studies, established in January 2014, is the first such school in TCM universities and colleges nationwide. With strengths and features different from those in other universities, it is committed to the inheritance and dissemination of TCM culture and Chinese excellent traditional culture.


It is dedicated to the research on Chinese excellent traditional culture in general and TCM culture in specific, including Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and TCM studies; I Ching and TCM; TCM classics, Chinese language and Chinese culture; and TCM philosophy and Chinese civilization. To disseminate TCM culture and Chinese traditional culture, it gives lectures and organizes forums for TCM and Chinese culture studies, and offers training courses on TCM culture, health preservation, Buddhist medicine, Taoist medicine, and Confucian medicine. Furthermore, it is engaged in education of TCM culture and overseas Chinese teaching, a mission of the Base of the International Promotion of Chinese Language and TCM Culture under the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban). It also implements innovations and research projects in collaboration with relevant institutions at home and abroad, playing a leading role in the research of TCM culture and Chinese traditional culture. In addition, it offers to BUCM students such general courses on Chinese studies as Chinese Philosophy, TCM Philosophy, TCM Classic Literature, General Outline of Traditional Chinese Culture, and Guide to Chinese Classics.


The school consists of the following teaching and research centers and institutions: Teaching Center of Chinese Studies, TCM Culture Research and Communication Center, Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist Medicine Research Institution, I Ching and TCM Research Institution, TCM Classics and Chinese Culture Research Institution, TCM Philosophy Research Institution, TCM and Chinese Civilization Research Institution, and TCM and Art Research Institution.