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School of Chinese Materia Medica



 The School of Chinese Materia Medica of BUCM (formerly known as Department of Chinese Materia Medica of BUCM) was established in 1958. It was merged with the Research Institute of Chinese Materia Medica in 1985. At present, it has 4 academic institutions, 12 teaching sections, 8 research platforms, 6 research centres and a general office.


Talent Cultivation: The school has established a multi-level system for talent cultivation, comprising programs for undergraduates and postgraduates. It has a post-doctoral research centre. A large number of professionals specializing in Chinese materia medica have been cultivated in the school, who are playing important roles in the governmental organizations, research institutions and pharmaceutical industry. The school has made exchanges and research cooperation with more than 10 foreign universities. Since 2010, some graduating students have been recommended to pursue their master’s degree in overseas universities such as Queen’s University Belfast, UK and University of Macao.


Development of disciplines: The school is authorized to confer doctoral degree in Chinese materia medica, It is the first one in the country to set up the centre for post-doctoral studies of Chinese materia medica, and over 30 scholars have engaged in scientific researches in the centre. At present, the school holds 7 national-level key disciplines. They are identification of medicinal herbs, pharmacology of medicinal herbs, clinical Chinese materia medica, chemistry of meteria medica, analysis of medicinal herbs, informatics of herbal medicine, and aerospace and herbal medicine.


Scientific research: The faculty of the school has undertaken the research projects under the national Program 973, Program 863 and others. In recent five years, about 300 research programs have been carried out supported by a research fund worth 120 million yuan.


Faculty team: The teaching staff is made up of renowned scholars and young and middle-aged teachers, most with high academic titles. There are 103 full-time teachers, among whom 38 are professors, 45 are associate professors, and 26 are supervisors of doctoral candidates. Seventy-seven have doctorate degree and over 20 have study abroad experience.


Strengths and features: With the efforts made by generations of scholars for decades, the school has achieved research success in such areas as resources of Chinese medicinal herbs, identification of medicinal plants and Chinese medicinal herbs, discovery of active substances and evaluation of efficacy in formulas, clinical Chinese materia medica, information engineering of Chinese materia medica, processing of medicinal herbs, analysis of medicinal herbs, biological pharmacology, and development of new herbal medicines. The school is ahead of the others in some areas.