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School of Management

  With a history that dates back to 1983, the School of Management was formerly known as the Training Center for TCM Management Leadership, and it was renamed the Department of Public Health Management in 1987. In 2000, it became the School of Management after expansion.


The school consists of two departments, i.e. Department of Public Health Management and Department of Business Management, offering four bachelor’s degree programs, including public health management, business management, information management and information system, and health management. Furthermore, it offers two master’s degree programs, i.e. social medicine and public health management, and health management, which is a secondary-level discipline of doctoral degree program.


The program “TCM Administration and Management” of the school is a key discipline sponsored by not only the Beijing municipal government but also the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM).


The school has a powerful research team in charge of a lot of research projects, such as one listed under the Project 973, one under the Project 863, one key project under the national Tenth Five-year Plan, four supportive sci-tech projects under the national Eleventh Five-year Plan, one sponsored by the National Social Science Foundation, five by the National Natural Science Foundation, two by the National Development and Reform Commission, three by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, five by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, more than 40 projects by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 7 by the Humanity and Social Science Foundation under the Ministry of Education, and over 20 projects by the Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some research findings have won the second National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and many other awards given by the Ministry of Education, Beijing Municipality, and China Association of Chinese Medicine, etc.