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School of Nursing


  Established in 1984, the School of Nursing, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, is the first TCM nursing school in China, which offers programs of higher nursing education. After over thirty years of development, the school has now established a multi-level educational system, including higher vocational education, undergraduate education, postgraduate education and doctoral education. There are 898 registered students at the school.


The school has a staff of 34 members. Among the teaching staff, nearly half hold senior professional titles, and 87% have master’s degree and above. Twelve teachers have doctoral degree.  There are 2 administrative offices, 3 teaching departments, 1 experimental centre and 1 research centre. The school has established the first BPSO®-Research Centre with RNAO (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, Canada) in China, and has passed the global review of JBI (Joanna Briggs Institute, Australia), becoming the third Joanna Briggs Evidence-based Nursing Cooperate Centre in mainland China. There are 24 hospitals available for students’ clinical training, including 8 traditional Chinese medicine hospitals and 16 Western medicine hospitals. All of them are top-grade, class-A hospitals in Beijing.                     


The school attaches importance to development of academic disciplines, and its core disciplines were acknowledged by the Beijing Municipality and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012. The school has directed its research focus on such areas as management of chronic diseases and evidence-based nursing. It has made continuous progress during the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015), and has undertaken research programs sponsored by the Beijing Natural Science Foundation and National Natural Science Foundation of China. Besides, teachers of the school have published many SCI papers.


The school also attaches great importance to the compilation of textbooks, and has published the first series of TCM nursing textbooks in China. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015), teachers of the school have acted as the editors-in-chief and associate editors of 30 textbooks. Outstanding teaching achievements have won university-level and national-level awards. In lecture presentation contests, young teachers of the school have won a second prize awarded by the Beijing Municipality, and a second prize awarded by the Chinese Medical Association to name just a few. Its experimental centre was rated as a model one for experimental teaching in institutions of higher learning in Beijing in the year 2009.


The school has actively participated in international exchange and cooperation, introducing advanced TCM nursing philosophy, popularizing TCM nursing techniques abroad, and building platforms for international collaboration in education  and research. The school has established cooperative programs with 16 countries and regions, such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, Philippines, Denmark, Japan, etc. In addition, it attempts to carry out various forms of cooperation with foreign nursing schools, for example, joint training programs of health care for the aged. The school also offers short-term TCM nursing training programs to international teachers and students, popularizing TCM nursing philosophy and techniques.


In social service, the school is the president of the council of the Nursing Education Research Committee under the National TCM Higher Education Association. Some of the teachers hold position at the nursing academic organizations at home and abroad, and work as reviewers of assessment for many national research programs and peer reviewers for domestic and overseas academic journals. On the basis of its characteristics and advantages, the school offers such courses as TCM nursing, evidence-based nursing, nursing English and nursing for the aged.


The new office building designated to the school on the new BUCM campus in Liangxiang will be constructed into a platform for teaching and research, with training of basic and clinical nursing skills, TCM nursing skills, humanistic quality training  and nursing research incorporated. The school aims to make the experimental centre a leader in the field of nursing in China by integrating intelligent information technology and scenario simulation. Besides, thanks to the establishment of the new campus, the school will retain and develop its features and upgrade itself into an international first-class nursing school.