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Dongfang Hospital

Founded in 1999, Dongfang Hospital is not only the second clinical medical school of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine but also a comprehensive care facility under the supervision of China’s State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The hospital offers inpatient and outpatient medical services, prevention, rehabilitation and health referrals. The hospital also constitutes an important base for teaching and research. Dongfang Hospital has 680 beds, more than 309 medical staff and more than 73 research staff and postgraduate research supervisors. The hospital specializes in Chinese  medical treatment and offers integrated Chinese and Western medicine health services. It is a model Chinese medicine hospital in China, with a center for TCM cerebropathy and a TCM emergency center, and a training center for the national priority discipline of Chinese Internal Medicine. The hospital is especially competent in the treatment of cerebropathy, febrile disease, angiocardiopathy, gastropathy, hepatopathy, dermatosis, and peripheral angiopathy.


Dongfang Hospital emphasizes to develop Chinese medicine and has distinctive features and obvious advantages in Chinese medicine. The distinctive Chinese medicine treatments departments of the hospital carry out are almost one hundred kinds, which enjoy great reputations among abundant patients with the low price and remarkable cure effect, such as: treating ulcerative colitis with Chinese medicine etention-enema, treating pelvic inflammation, menorrhalgia and endometriosis with Chinese medicine iontophoresis, treating local myalgia and postherpetic neuralgia with cupping therapy. According to the Chinese medicine “preventing diseases” theory, the hospital built up preventing disease center in the light of the situation with more and more sub-healthy patients. The center uses traditional Chinese medicine therapy to achieve the effect of prevention and health care with regulating inside and maintaining outside.