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The Third Affiliated Hospital


As a top-grade, class-A hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, the Third Affiliated Hospital of BUCM assumes the responsibility for medical care, education, research, prevention of disease, and rehabilitation. It is also a key hospital of integrative medicine under the supervision of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine .


The hospital has 520 beds and it is characterized by clinical strengths in integrated medicine for orthopedics, traumatology, tumor, indigestion, and encephalopathy. It has 13 key clinical specialties of the national level and 4 of the Beijing municipality level.


In the past five years, it has undertaken more than 30 research projects at national and provincial or ministerial levels, and it has won a second prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award and 10 awards bestowed by the provincial or ministerial authorities. It is the first hospital which enrolls post-graduate students to study TCM general practice besides giving clinical training to undergraduates, postgraduates, interns, and students of the teacher-apprentice style.