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BUCM President Xu Anlong Gave a Speech at a Workshop of the 67th UN DPI/NGO Global Summit in the United States

  On August 22, 2018, the 67th UN DPI/NGO Global Summit was held at the UN Headquarters in New York, USA. BUCM President Xu Anlong was invited to attend the Summit. At the workshop of the Summit, "Achieving Global Access to Health Care Treatments: The Role of New Technology, Traditional and Integrative Medicine", President Xu delivered a speech entitled "Integration of Ancient Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Medicine".


  Xu's speech focused on the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and its efficacy. At the same time, he also introduced BUCM’s achievements in its internationalization . He appealed to all countries to strengthen cooperation between traditional Chinese medicine and traditional medicine in general. His speech won great recognition from the attendees. 


  The Summit is the most important UN DPI/NGO event this year, which attracted more than 2,000 participants from NGOs consisting of over 100 countries, prominent international NGOs, and international media, among whom there are senior officials of the UN system and scholars in related fields. The special workshop associated with TCM and the speech by President Xu showed that TCM plays an increasingly important role in global health enhancement and that BUCM plays a significant role in the international dissemination of TCM. President Xu Anlong's speech will give impetus to the extension of the international influence and dissemination of Chinese medicine.