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The 2018 Symposium on Neurology Integration in Western Medicine and TCM

  The 2018 Symposium on Neurology Integration in Western Medicine and TCM between America and China has been successfully held by US Center for Chinese Medicine by Beijing University Chinese Medicine on July 29th-30th, 2018. Dr. Baixiao Zhao, Dean of the School of Acupuncture of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Mohamad Koubeissi, Director of Epilepsy Center at George Washington University, Prof. William H Theodore from NIH, Prof. Pu Liu from NIH, Prof.William Davis Gaillard, Chief of the Clinical Epilepsy Section of George Washington University National Health System General Pediatrics Department, Jason Hao, President of Neuro-acupuncture Institute, Prof. Yongxin Zhou, epilepsy clinical researcher of George Washington University, and other Chinese and American experts, scholars, and acupuncturists attended the Symposium.​

  The symposium started at 8:30 A.M. The opening ceremony was hosted by Dr. Chao An, Director of US Center for Chinese Medicine.Dr. Koubeissi and Dr.Baixiao Zhao, co-chairs of the symposium from China and US, made the opening remarks, and announced the founding of West-East Neurology Associates. The Maryland House Delegate Clarence Lam, expert of preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins University, attended the symposium and presented a congratulatory letter to the founding of West-East Neurology Associates. Twenty experts, including Neurological specialists, Traditional Chinese Medicine experts and acupuncturist have been engaged as honorable professors, and will contributes to the Western-TCM integrated treatment of neurological disorder patients at US Center for Chinese Medicine in the future.

  With the theme of "Integration of the East and West, Focusing on Epilepsy", Chinese and American scholars made presentations centered around the most current research and treatment strategies for  neurological disorders, especially on epilepsy. Dr. Baixiao Zhao, Dean of the School of Acupuncture of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, made a detailed presentation on the progress of epilepsy treatment with acupuncture therapy and TCM specialist Jiasan Yang’s experience . He also introduced acupuncture treatment for epilepsy, stroke aftermath, facial paralysis, aging problem, insomnia and depression. Prof. Jishun Hao, President of Neuro-acupuncture Institute and former President of NCCAOM, introduced the application of scalp acupuncture in neurological diseases as well as the cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Pakinson disease, stroke treatment with live demonstrations. Prof. Yonglie Zhao, Third Affiliated Hospital from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Prof. Zhiwei Jing, Chinese Academy of Medical Science demonstrated theoretical research and clinical TCM therapy for epilepsy and migraine. Dr. Jiangyan Sun, in represent of famous epilepsy specialist Prof. Jinmin Liu, gave a presentation of their team research "Additional treatment of TCM in refactory epilepsy". Prof. Xin Liu, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine shared and practiced Taiji with attendants. Prof. William H Theodore from NIH, Prof. Koubeissi from George Washington University, Prof.Linda Louise Gagnon, and Prof. Peter Bernard shared their latest research progress on adult epilepsy, children epilepsy, cardiogenic non-epileptic seizure, brain injury and epilepsy, and the pharmaceutical and physical treatment.

  This academic symposium again provides a profound exchange and confluence between Traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine on neurological diseases. Experts from both TCM and western medicine shared their understanding and experience in fighting the neurological diseases, witnessed the therapeutic effect of Chinese acupuncture, and together looked ahead to the bright prospective of the ‘Integration of East and West’. The Symposium will further promotes the international academic communication between East and West on neurology, especially epilepsy study. We anticipate, through the platform of West-East Neurology Associates at US Center of Chinese Medicine by BUCM, with our integrative use of TCM and western medicine resource, various Chinese and western experts would together contribute to the better healthcare for people.