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Beijing University of Chinese Medicine-Western Sydney University Chinese Medicine Center in Australia Celebrated 3rd Anniversary & Held Integrative Oncology Workshop in Sydney

On November 17, 2017, BUCM-WSU Chinese Medicine Center in Australia celebrated its 3rd anniversary and held Integrative Oncology Workshop in Sydney. The Workshop jointly sponsored by the Australian National Institute of Complementary Medicine and Chinese Medicine Center in Australia as part of the celebration, was held in Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. About 50 researchers and doctors attending the seminar came from BUCM, Beijing Xiyuan Hospital and local medical institutions.  Prof. Gu Xiaohong, BUCM Party Secretary, said in her speech at the opening ceremony that the academic exchanges between BUCM and WSU have been expanded since the cooperation initiated in 2008 and such cooperation has become increasingly extensive in TCM education, research and medical treatment in the Australian Chinese Medicine Center since the two universities signed the MOU on establishing the center in 2014. With a long history about 2000 years, TCM boasts some unique treatment of cancer and other serious diseases with remarkable effects. This seminar has established a platform for exchange and cooperation for the Chinese and Australian researchers to cooperate and develop academically via exchange and interaction.





At the workshop, experts from the two countries presented their findings on tumor treatment with integrative medicine, followed by a lively discussion on shared concerns. As an important means of research cooperation and exchange between BUCM and WSU, such workshop on clinical research of specific diseases will be held in China and Australia alternately on a regular basis to foster clinical research cooperation between the two universities.



At 6 pm local time, the celebration of the 3rd anniversary of BUCM-WSU Chinese Medicine Center in Australia began in Sydney. Present at the ceremony were Minister-counsellor Xu Xiao, Education Office, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Australia and Counsellor Lu Ping, Science & Technology Office, Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Sydney.Prof. Barney Glover, Vice-Chancellor and President of WSU, recalled fondly in his speech the occasion on which he and Prof. Xu Anlong signed the memorandum of understanding witnessed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and the former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott three years ago. Since then, he said, the Chinese Medicine Center in Australia has been actively involved in TCM education, research, medical care, and overseas dissemination of TCM culture, for which the cooperation and exchange between the two universities have been developing remarkably thanks to the joint efforts made by both sides. Prof. Gu Xiaohong, BUCM Party Secretary, observed in her speech that over the past three years, BUCM and WSU have started a series of cooperation, giving full play to their respective strengths. She promised that BUCM will continue giving support to the development of the Center to make it a well-rounded platform incorporating TCM medical care, education, research and cultural dissemination, which will play the main role in the exchange between Chinese and Western culture. Minister-counsellor Xu Xiao congratulated the Chinese Medicine Center on its achievements and he expressed his hope that the two universities would cherish and further their cooperation for more accomplishments and better welfare of the Chinese and Australian people. Subsequently, BUCM Party Secretary Gu Xiaohong and WSU President Barney Glover signed an agreement on a joint program of dual doctor's degrees.




On November 17, 2014, during his state visit to Australia, Chinese President Xi Jinping and the former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott witnessed the signature of memorandum of understanding on the establishment of the Chinese Medicine Center in Australia by BUCM President Xu Anlong and WSU Vice-Chancellor and President Barney Glover. In 2016, the center went into official operation at WSU. Since its establishment, the center has been enjoying great support from Chinese Ministry of Education and Chinese State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.