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State Health Care Commission at Saint Petersburg Granted Medical License to BUCM TCM Center

On January 18th, 2016, the State Health Care Commission at Saint Petersburg ,Russia , granted a hospital license to the local TCM Center established by BUCM. By now, it is the first TCM hospital led by prestigious Chinese medical, teaching and research institution and acknowledged by Chinese and Russian government authorities.  It is a qualified hospital with great influence in Russia and it marks historic breakthrough of the TCM globalization  strategy in the Russian speaking areas.


On January 13th, an expert team sent by the State Health Care Commission assessed closely the nine departments of the hospital, including departments of internal medicine, sports therapy, and neurology etc. After meticulous examination, the expert team unanimously agreed that the software and hardware of the departments have met the standards set by the Ministry of Health of Russia for establishing hospitals. In addition, they appreciated the agreeable environment and advanced equipment of the hospital and its commitment to the use and popularization of TCM therapy. Ms. Elena, head of the team, believed that it is no accident that the TCM Center has become an accredited hospital because it meets the standards of the Russian Federation and has distinctive Chinese features.


After commencing operation under the new name Saint Petersburg TCM Hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (registered name: The Hospital of Oriental Medicine), it will provide medical service of internal medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion, tuina, and medical qigong in emergency treatment, routine treatment and professional health care. This will give local people the opportunity to experience the great efficacy of TCM and appreciate the subtlety of TCM culture.



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